Work more, talk less

this is the way

Warm-up – 10 mins of:
5 air squats
10 banded shoulder pass-throughs
15 banded good mornings
30 Shoulder ROT/stability – 10 to horizontally to the chest, 10 semi-vertically front/down to clavicles, 10 BTN, then…

7 sets of:
6 goblet reverse lunges per leg
3 goblet step-ups per leg
3 goblet squats
6 SA KB Press per arm
6 SA KB Row per arm
6 SA KB Swing per arm

Martial skill work

45 mins of JKD and Wing Chun striking + short-range kicking and counter wrestling

Today’s studies included:
Linux: working toward mastery of the CLI & searching and extracting data from files and archiving. I also focused my practical network penetration testing studies to privilege escalation in a Linux environment.

Bipartisan Congressional War Drums Are Beating Again

The GOAT calls it a career — Tom Brady officially announced he is retiring today.