Remember, Remember the 5th of November


Training 5 NOV 2021


A1. Reverse Cable Curls

A2. Close Grip Cable Curls

A3. Wide Grip Cable Curls

A4. Wide Grip Drag Curls

  • 4 Total Sets / 20 Reps (Each)

B1. Partial Rope Extensions (Bottom)

B2. Partial Rope Extensions (Top)

B3. Full ROM Rope Extensions

B4. Close Grip Push-ups

  • 4 Total Sets / 30 Reps (Each)…Not close grip push-ups.. more like 4+

C1. EZ Bar Close Grip Curl

C2. EZ Bar Drag Curl

C3. Seated French Press

C4. 45 Degree Skull Crushers

  • 3 Total Sets / 20 Reps (Each)

5 sets NFT:

15 KBS

15 pushups

5 burpees

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